Where to Go for Help

Academic Issues: [email protected]; [email protected] Asst. Principal                       Academic Dean
Athletics: [email protected] [email protected] Athletic Director;             Athletic Secretary
Activities/Clubs/Student Services: [email protected]
Discipline [email protected] [email protected] Dean of Students (10,11 & 12)
Discipline [email protected] Dean of Students (9)
Bus Requests [email protected] Dean’s Secretary
Marquee (outside) Requests: [email protected]  Athletic Director
Front Display Case [email protected] Principal’s Secretary
Birthday Bulletin Board [email protected] Secretary – Front Desk
Calendar/Facility Requests [email protected][email protected]
Custodial/Maintenance [email protected] Assistant Principal
ESOL [email protected] Amy Castrillon
Faculty Fund/Social Committee [email protected] Finance Secretary
Field Trip Forms/Bus Cancellations [email protected][email protected] Athletic Director          Secretary
Fundraising Requests [email protected] Athletic Director
Guidance Issues:
      *Transcript Requests [email protected] Guidance Secretary
      *Crisis/504/Graduation requirements
      * schedules/Conference Requests  All Guidance Counselors
        ACT/SAT/College Application Waivers [email protected] Guidance Counselor
      *Homeless/Hearth/DCF [email protected] Guidance Counselor
      *NCAA [email protected] Guidance Counselor
      *Minority Achievement [email protected] Guidance Counselor
      *Scholarships [email protected] Guidance Counselor
Health Issues/MORE: [email protected] Clinic Nurse
ID Badges: [email protected] Dean’s Office Secretary
Student Council: [email protected] Teacher
Key Requests: [email protected][email protected]
Media: [email protected] Media Center
Morning Announcements: [email protected];       [email protected] TV Production      Secretary
School Paper: [email protected] Teacher
Pepsi Orders: [email protected] Asst. Principal
Purchasing/PO’s/Internal Accounts: [email protected] Finance Secretary
Poster Approvals: [email protected] Asst. Principal
Obligations: [email protected]
Security/Police Requests: [email protected] Resource Deputy (Dean’s Office)
Student Parking Applications: [email protected] Athletic Office Secretary
Supplies: [email protected] Finance Secretary
Technology Issues: [email protected] IT Tech
Tech Work Orders: [email protected] IT Tech
Textbooks: [email protected]; [email protected] Asst. Principals
TV Production/Multi-Media Requests/News/ & Special program Packages [email protected]; [email protected] TV Production
Transportation:  (no bus arrival, etc) [email protected] Dean Secretary
Volunteer  Requests: [email protected] Secretary – Main Desk
Website Information: [email protected] Teacher
Work Orders (Facility): [email protected] Athletic Office
Yearbook Information: [email protected] Room 01-276