Lake Gibson High School’s mission is to prepare students to make informed life decisions, and to challenge them to achieve their fullest potential. LGHS is focused on becoming a tight knit community centered on student achievement. The faculty understands that students assimilate information differently, and it is committed to engaging the student body with a variety of activities which address varying learning styles.

The Advanced Placement Program is nationally recognized, and has been designed to challenge high performing high school students through rigorous course material, challenging discussions, and demanding assignments. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills and mastery of complex content. Lake Gibson offers AP courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish and Music in grades 9-12. Contact the Guidance Counselor to learn more about the specific AP courses available to qualified students.

Students also have the opportunity to excel outside of the classroom. LG field boys and girls teams in over fifteen sports. Opportunities exist to participate in clubs that excel at the local state, and national levels. Other opportunities are presented through the Fine Arts programs: including theatre, chorus, band, orchestra, visual arts, and TV production.